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What do you do when your partner says you're no longer attractive because of recent weight gain?

I was shocked when Ms. I told me that the love of her life said she "was getting near the point of no longer being attractive, especially when (her) belly started to hang."

Like wait whaaat? Ouch. Bodies are elastic. Sometimes they're bigger, sometimes they're smaller. They fluctuate and that's totally natural! We have hormones, stress, vacations, life changes - tons and tons of things that effect our weight.

Read Ms. I's story below in her own words to see what she did to overcome these hurtful comments.

"This was my first experience doing a boudoir shoot. I did the boudoir shoot as a first step to reclaim my empowerment.

My favorite part was the patience and safe environment to open up more at my own pace. The hardest part about quarantine was not just the sudden weight gain but also realizing that my partner was unsupportive and insensitive towards my change. My heart was crushed when I heard the love of my life tell me that I was getting near the point of no longer being attractive, especially when my belly started to hang.

At the time I was only 25 years old and three years later I made the decision to learn to appreciate every and all changes my body goes through. When I saw the photos of myself I fell in love with my curves, admired my stretch marks in a different light, and was in awe with the body I have now.

I was not sure what I was expecting with the photoshoot. I've always loved being in lingerie and thought it was simply sexy, but I never imagined I could also feel beautiful and powerful.

The best part of this experience was after each flash I felt more and more accepting, forgiving , appreciative, caring and loving myself.

I have recommended you to many of my friends. I believe every woman deserves to see how beautiful they are no matter the size or color of their skin."


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