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Ms. G

I just LOVE shooting maternity. I especially love shooting maternity boudoir. When Miss G contacted me about shooting her boudoir shoot I was so excited. We also did a set of fine art nudes which were just gorgeous. Miss G was proud to have her photos displayed. Sometimes though, women are a bit shy and request that we only blog anonymous shots, which of course I am totally fine about.

Read on below to hear about Miss G’s shoot in her own words.

Tell me your story- Why did you do your boudoir shoot?: "This was my first time and I thought the shoot went very well! Angela was very sweet and professional and made the experience very enjoyable. I did the shoot to capture my pregnancy body and as a gift for my husband. I have a hard time liking images of myself but Angela's pictures really did make me feel beautiful! I chose Angela because I loved what I saw when I looked through her image galleries online."

What was the best part of your experience?: “I loved getting to know Angela and having my first boudoir photo shoot with her. She was so understanding about everything and so wonderful about being pregnant. She also gave me some great advice! As a first time mom, I need all the tips I can get :)”

What would you say to anyone that’s thinking about booking a shoot but their nerves are keeping them from making the call?: “Go for it! I would assure them that it really is a lot of fun and they will feel beautiful!”

Before & After of Ms. G


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