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Ms. D

“My husband suddenly passed away on 10/18/2019 (2 days after my birthday) and on 10/30/2020 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I just got through the year of firsts without my husband and now I was thrown into going through all my cancer tests, surgery, and treatments without him. It was especially hard because of the pandemic since I couldn't even have any other family members with me.”

“One day going through Facebook, I saw Angela's Black Friday sale post and just messaged her right away hoping to be one of the first five people to respond. This was out of my normal behavior as I normally have to think about things for a few days or search around for other prices (being a Libra, I can't make quick decisions). Something inside me said "just do it". I had just gone through the two worst years of my life. I just knew I needed to do this for me. I needed to feel good about me, about my body.”

“The photo session did what I hoped it would do. It improved my self-confidence and gave me some body positivity. I still have thoughts that put myself down but I'm able to quickly shut them down and tell myself "so what, it's you and you're beautiful the way you are". Additionally, I love that I was able to incorporate my husband and breast cancer into some of the photos as they are forever a part of me.”

“The photos turned out awesome, and it was all due to Angela and her talent for photography and making you feel just awesome. You walk out of studio on a high. And the feelings are the same when you go back to pick out your photos.”


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