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What is unique about Boudoir by Angela?

Finding the right boudoir photographer can feel overwhelming because there are so many options. You want to feel good about making the right choice. Every photographer works a little differently and it’s hard to distinguish who would be the right fit just by looking at a website or calling over the phone.

We want to give you a good idea about what our process looks like and how we're different from other studios, because our process is much different than other photographers in the Seattle area. So hopefully after reading this, you will be well informed before your session and you’ll know what to expect at your shoot!


– First up is my Glam Team! When you arrive for your shoot, my hand-picked glam team will get you all glammed up for your photoshoot. Their work is incredible. You are going to feel pampered and gorgeous!

– Our photo shoots allow you ample time to experience the entire process. You will get professional hair & makeup, we will guide you into creating beautiful photos of you at your best, and we finish by showing you your images that same day while you're still at the studio! Our sessions last about 3.5 - 4 hours.

– We have a lot of set variety in our studio! We have a fully built naturally lit fully furbished studio with multiple backdrops, everything you can think of to create a huge variety in your boudoir shoot. There's not one look that you can create in our studio, but several.

– Angela is in charge of absolutely everything that happens in the studio. From booking to shooting, to selecting images, to retouching. There are no executive decisions made without Angela. This allows her to work closely with you instead of being separated from you by layers of management saying what they think is best. Everything that is needed in order for you to have an amazing experience happens right here in our studio.

– We have a very narrow niche: We only do boudoir photography! No weddings, no events, no senior pictures. Just the beauty of people! Angela truly loves what she does and wants you to experience it too, so making sure there's only one type of shoot offered allows her to focus all my attention on your needs as a boudoir client.

– Our mission is to empower all people no matter your size, age or ethnicity. As you may know we believe that every person should feel beautiful and sexy at any size or shape. This has been our mission since day one and it still rings true today! If you're not comfortable in front of the camera, we will work together to get the beauty and sensuality out of you that I'm looking for because we know it's in there!

– As soon as your shoot is finished, you get to see your images. The very same day! With our commitment to giving great service, we give you the gallery of images via private online link within 7 business days.

–We are located 20 minutes south of Seattle which means little traveling time, yay! However, many people have traveled to Washington state from all over to work with us!

So those are just some of the benefits that Boudoir by Angela offers that sets us apart from other studios. Every studio out there has gifts they offer their clients, but our services are unique enough to allow us to stand out among the rest :) xo!


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